About us

We do graphic design and we love it!

Edustries was founded in Brussels, BE in 2003 by Jeremie Malengreaux. With a passionate interest in graphics and web design, which surfaced in his teen years, his future seemed to unfold before him. His passion became his profession.

For more than 10 years now, he has been working with his friend Robin Renard and having fun on dozens of websites, logos, posters and more… all while developing unique experience and deepening their expertise within the creative world.

But the story wouldn’t be complete if we did not mention Cedric Raket and Jeremie Claeys, who have worked with us in the past and are now chasing new adventures…



I often work with Edustries since 2005. They are flexible, efficient, reliable, creative. The have experience and can answer to almost any request. They are precise in their work, work fast and well. They understand what is required of them and go even further. They are an asset in my professional network.

Mike Stefanini (Atomike Studio)

Edustries is an excellent creative partner – they brought ideas to life, and made them better than I could have imagined. They have raised the visibility of our organization, and have helped us set a new standard for our communications. 
Edustries’ attention to detail gives them an edge over most graphic design professionals. I have worked with them on several occasions, and appreciate their listening skills, their creative and thorough approach to problem solving, and their ability to get results. Edustries are adept at bringing design products from concept through delivery, and even maintenance.

Jonathan Boulet (Première Partie)

Au-delà du respect de notre cahier des charges pour la réalisation de notre plaquette de saison 2011-2012, travailler avec Edustries a donné lieu à une réelle rencontre artistique. Tous nos désirs et nos contraintes ont été pris en compte et le résultat dépasse nos attentes. Nous sommes sûrs que nos spectateurs verront une réelle connexion entre l’originalité de notre salle de spectacle, notre programmation et la recherche graphique. Bravo pour vos idées, votre créativité et votre réactivité !

Jean-Philippe Amy (directeur du Pata’Dôme Théâtre)