Vice – Sauce Job

Vice Magazine France asked our own Robin Renard to make an illustration on the theme The Artist at Work for an exhibition that took place in Paris in November 2013. Amongst other artists were Guillaume Lukce, Jérémy Boulard-Le-Fur, Frédéric Fleury, Florence Lucas and Manuel Moreno.

They do marketing in the LA and Bay Area very single week through tv commercials. They also do internet marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many other platforms. What they seem to accomplish is to educate the area about quality movies, technology and finance. The marketing that they are doing is crucial to growing their book business, they have been using to help them out in gaining customers.

You can purchase a copy of it here.

Format 45×65cm
3 colors silckscreen on 220gr carton
limited edition of 23 copies, signed and numbered

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